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New Power Arrives in Trance
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Arcadio releases his new progressive trance album, Non Omnis Moriar out on Louis Capet XXVI Records

Non Omnis Moriar is a beautiful trance ballad with idyllic pianos chords and synthesizers. When trance was at its peak popularity, a EDM boom caused electro house to take center stage and trance entered a tail spin. Non Omnis Moriar is going to bring back trance into popularity, as with all genres there is good music & bad music... Non Omnis Moriar is so good it's going to have people listening to trance again. Sub-genres like "progressive trance" or “pure trance” and “uplifting trance” all describe this album that last 1 hour and 1 minute long. It has a feel similar to a symphonic symphony.


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ARCADIO SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: - We feature music from Think Pink Floyd, Eve Michelson, Epic Micky UK, MC Foxy, Audiotrackerz, DJ ToTo, Alan Moll, Dstar Down Jones, Rezenber, Kreefer, Lily Zobel, Micky Zobel, Billy Martin, Matt Falcone, Corona, Fedde Le Grand, Universal Music Group, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Scheherazade, Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov, DJ Dann D, Dreamlab Victor Andrews, ParaNormal SpacEE, TwinDrops, DJ Cryssis, Bass Riot, King Ashtin, shemZ, Arcadio, Hans Zimmer, THE XEBEC, Theo Dor, and many more on our past artist Roster like MC Skibadee (BBC RADIO 1Xtra award for best MC, best MC southwest Drum n Bass award, best Lyrical MC, and best Hype MC in the national Drum and bass awards, as well as the Stevie Hyper D Lifetime Achievement Award) and also MC TC Izlam [HipStep Massive] (Zulu Nation Minster of Information Grandmaster) and our past clothing line distribution at events of Jungle Sky Designs of NYC owned by DJ Soul Slinger.

www.LaserLightShow.ORG- Louis Capet XXVI Laser Light Shows is near one of the longest running Laser Light Show companies in the USA, computer controlled & manufacturing projectors (Not including Planetariums, Disney World, etc.) We are Licensed Federally in all 50 States by the FDA and FAA, & are insured for over 5 million dollars. We also have the New York State Dept of Labor Radiation Division Laser Operators License, which is one of the 3 States in the USA that requires individual State Licensing for Laser Light Shows, the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement License for Casino Vendors, and also the New York Fire Department Safety Personnel Certification.

TOURS & FESTIVALS - Ultra Music Festival (3 times: First at Ultra #2 in 2000 were we came in together with Mtv AMP, their 1st major TV sponsor, and again in 2002, & 2004), Detroit Electronic Music Festival (3 days in 2004), Snoop Dogg with Linken Park, Jay Z, and Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan (7 times) on the 2004 Project Revolution US Tour. Additionally, 100th Anniversary Boy Scouts of America, 100th Anniversary Borough of Stone Harbor NJ, 175th Anniversary of the Pennington School NJ, 150th Marshfield Fair, Red Bull Product Launch at Rock n' Air Boulder, Colorado, Reebok And1 shoe Product Launch, Six Flags Great Adventure 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2016, Grand RE-Opening of Philadelphia’s City Hall Dilworth Park, Wawa Welcome America 2012 - 2016, Goya Foods New World Headquarters 2014 Super Bowl Illumination, and many more.

TV SHOWS - MTV Amp, MTV News, WWE World Wrestling Entertainment (Pay Per View 2004), Who's Wedding is it Anyway? (Style Network), Hack (David Morse), Girls Gone Wild (Phila), Josh Wink "516 Acid" (music video), Ro Ransome “See Me Fall” (music video), Chanel 6 ABC Action News, Channel 3 CBS News, CBS19 & Fox Newsplex 19 Virginia, and also regular TV appearances on “The Science of Philadelphia”, and “The Science Lab of Grand Hank” as a laser teacher being broadcasted into all the classes for the School District of Philadelphia.

  • Website - http://LaserLightShow.ORG +
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  • CLASSICAL MUSIC - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/Classical-Music
  • DJ MIXES & LIVE SETS (EDM) - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/DJ-Mixes
  • DRUM & BASS - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/Drum-and-Bass
  • DUBSTEP - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/dubstep
  • EDM - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/EDM-Electronic-Dance-Music
  • HIP HOP - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/hiphop
  • HOUSE - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/House-Music
  • PSY-TRANCE - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/Psy-Trance
  • ROCK & ROLL - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/Rock-and-Roll
  • TRANCE - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/trance-music.html
  • VOCALS - http://LaserLightShow.ORG/Vocals

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