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17+ Instant Dedicated Server locations worldwide for your business
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Due to the latest upgrades, 17 top-tier and ISO certified data centers assure top-quality performance and approach the major business areas all over the world in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Since Host1Plus is aiming to expand worldwide network, company is now delighted to introduce a number of new multi-region Instant Dedicated Servers locations. It is a huge addition of 12 new locations to the existing 5 (Los Angeles, Chicago, Frankfurt, São Paulo and Johannesburg) Host1Plus is currently providing.

Company is taking steps forward by constantly unlocking new locations worldwide, bringing services closer to customer, being able to provide a low-latency solution. Therefore, Host1Plus is working hard on greatly expanding the spectrum of dedicated server locations around the world in the nearest future.

Due to the latest upgrades, 17 top-tier and ISO certified data centers assure top-quality performance and approach the major business areas all over the world in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Instant vs. Premium Dedicated Servers – which one is better for your business?

Quick Instant Dedicated Server deployment will serve you as a great time-saver. Submit your order or control your server programmatically via Host1Plus in-house developed API. Easy bare metal integration along with your existing virtualized infrastructure workflow enables you to run your server within minutes after placing your order. Fun fact to know – all the Instant Dedicated Servers have got names, inspired by Host1Plus NASA visit, because of quick server deployment and ambition to ignite your business reaching your customers everywhere in the world.

Previously available only in public Cloud, Instant Dedicated Servers are now enriched with new automation features. With the help of full virtualization and Trusted Compute support, Instant Dedicated Servers are reaching out to international markets.

In case your business requires a custom-built high performing server, you should explore Host1Plus Premium Dedicated Servers solutions. Premium servers can be fully customized adjusting to your workload intensity and business priorities; you can request required server changes and additions anytime.

Uncomplicated server management is being constantly developed; the feature-rich management panel contains detailed statistics, helping to observe server status, network settings, bandwidth consumption and event log.

Ability to bring your own IP and by default enabled IPv6 include the key features and benefits of Premium Servers. In addition, there is a number of dedicated bandwidth and custom routing or cross-connect options.

Improvements based on customers’ needs

Intuitive single-pane-of-glass Dedicated Server management dashboard enables you to easily take control of your server, observe and analyse detailed network statistics.

However, if you wish to maintain full server control and save time resources, entrusting security updates and server maintenance to certified experts, you should read more about Managed Dedicated Servers.

Host1Plus relies on data security, sustainability and technical excellence oriented data centers. The reliable server locations, ready to house your Instant Dedicated Server and aiming to reach your customers anywhere around the globe, will only grow in number in the nearest future. Host1Plus constantly improves and grows by listening to their customers.

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