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1st mile logistics pioneer Cubyn raises €12M and launches Cubyn Fulfillment
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Cubyn's new fulfillment feature cuts industry standard costs by 30% for merchants. Company brings on 3 key senior hires from Amazon to execute on the product rollout. Refurbishment marketplace Backmarket already using Cubyn Fulfillment

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  • Cubyn’s new fulfillmentfeature cuts industry standard costs by 30% for merchants
  • Company brings on 3 keysenior hires from Amazon to execute on the product rollout
  • Refurbishment marketplaceBackmarket already using Cubyn Fulfillment


London/Paris,July 3, 2019 - On-demand logistics startup Cubyn announcestoday a €12 million round led by DN Capital with participations of Partechand 360Capital Partners, BNP Paribas Developpement and a newcontribution from BPIFrance. Cubyn also announces the launch of Cubyn Fulfillment, inpartnership with leading refurbishment e-commerce platform Backmarket.


Cubyn entered the complex logistics industryin 2015 with an initial solution focusing on e-merchants willing to outsourcetheir logistics while keeping their inventory. In four years and over 2 millionshipments later, the company has built the best proprietary technology tostreamline the logistics process for merchants, and to operate a fullyintegrated fulfillment solution at a fraction of the industry standard cost.


CubynFulfillment disrupts the old e-commerce third party logistics market from theground up with a better, faster and fully integrated service at a 30% lowerprice point. We are giving merchants a way to outperform their competition interms of cost, delivery quality and speed” says CEO & co-founder AdrienFernandez Baca.


Cubyn’s new fulfillment offer enablesmerchants to integrate their e-commerce inventory in 1-click and to startscaling their sales without worrying about logistics, all while monitoring theprocess from one simple interface. When an online order is placed, it isautomatically exported and processed from a Cubyn warehouse. Parcels are theninjected directly into the best carrier’s network to cut transit time andimprove delivery quality. Cubyn leverages shipping data from millions ofparcels to improve the customer satisfaction for merchants and marketplacesalike.


"Asearly investors in companies such as Auto1 and Purplebricks, we have extensiveexperience supporting and advising companies that combine technological andoperational excellence to drive the price down for all parties involved, whilstproviding a higher quality service. This is exactly what Cubyn is doing and webelieve Adrien and his team are uniquely positioned to replicate this formulain the logistic space," said Thomas Rubens, Partner at DN Capital.


With a total of 20M€ in funding, Cubyn is theuncontested market leader in the booming European e-commerce logistics sector.It currently employs 60 people, and will hire 50 more before the end of theyear. The company is currently powered by a team of over 300 packers andcouriers. Since inception, Cubyn has processed over 2 million shipments, and inthe first half of 2019, it has already processed more shipments than in theentire past year.


To oversee the successful rollout of CubynFulfillment, the company also announces today three recent strategic hires: aVP of Operations, Grégoire Hirtz, former Head of Amazon Prime for France; aHead of Operational Excellence, Raphaël Renault, former Head of FranceCross-border Transportation at Amazon; and a Warehouse Manager, MarieChaussade, former Operation Manager at Amazon Logistics.


The company’s ambitions go further than theissues of first mile logistics, for Cubyn wishes to pursue its vision byoperating part of transportation in-house in order to offer express deliveriesin urban areas. “We are very proud of being part of Cubyn’s adventure and workclosely with its founders and early investors. As a pioneer in first-milelogistics, Cubyn has all the assets to expand its technology to deliverysolutions and enhance the last mile experience”said Edouard Combette, SeniorInvestment Manager at BPI.


Cubyn received €6 million in 2017 in a SeriesA funding led by DN Capital and with contributions from BNP ParibasDeveloppement , 360 Capital Partners, Partech and €1 million in 2015 fromPartech, 360 Capital Partners and Business angels Olivier Mathiot (PriceMinister), Thierry Petit (ShowRoomPrive) in February 2016.


 For Media enquiries: 

Allison Queiroz



About the new hires:

GrégoireHirtz -  VP ofOperations

Before he joined Cubyn, Grégoire was Head ofAmazon Prime for France. Before that, he was in charge of the supply chain forthe categories Books, Music and Video Games of Amazon France, and then laid thefoundations for the B2B logistics of Amazon.

Before he joined Amazon, Grégoire spent 8years at McKinsey where he climbed the ladder until he became a Junior Partner.


RaphaëlRenault -  Headof Operational Excellence


Raphaël has a solid experience in logisticsand transportation. Before he joined Cubyn, he was in charge of thetransportation management for Amazon France & Europe.


MarieChaussade - WarehouseManager


With 3 years of experience at Amazon, Mariedeveloped advanced skills in operational management of big teams, on the 2biggest orders preparation sites of Amazon in France.


About Partech


Partech is a global investment firm withoffices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar. We bring together capital,operational experience and strategic support for entrepreneurs at seed, ventureand growth stages across multiple continents, with over €1.3B investmentcapacity. Investments range from $200K to $50M in a wide range of technologiesand businesses for enterprises and consumers, from software, digital brands andservices, to hardware and deep tech across all major industries. Companiesbacked by Partech have completed more than 20 initial public offerings and morethan 50 strategic exits above $100M. Our current portfolio:


For mediaenquiries:

France:Alexis Bollaert           +33 6 63 73 8297

UK/USA:Sonia Rehill            +44 (0)7968 747331


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