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Advenworks, the first remote-working video game studio, raises €700,000
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Founded in late 2017 by Romain Piegay and Nicolas Veyret — two veterans of Lionhead and the French giant Ubisoft — Advenworks, developer of addictive and creative video games, has just concluded an initial funding round of €700,000 with Level-Up.

Based in the Founders Program of Station F — the largest startup campus in the world, backed by Xavier Niel — Advenworks has already produced and launched three iOS games (iPhone & iPad): Dragon Kid; the series of linguistic games Teach Me; and Birdy Party, the one and only disco swipe & match puzzle game.

The studio has two additional games currently in production including Slashrun, a procedural cyberpunk runner game that was crowdfunded by a vast community of fans through a successful Kickstarter campaign last November.

A seed funding round of €700,000 to jump-start growth.

The goal of this initial round is to allow the studio to grow its teams and accelerate game distribution, in addition to expanding its catalogue and publishing activities in a $108.9B industry (source: Newzoo).

Remote working is at the heart of the Advenworks strategy.

Advenworks is the first worldwide video game studio to place remote working at the heart of its production methodology, making it a real business strategy instead of just a perk offered to employees.

Now that constant connectivity is made possible by mobile high-speed internet, smartphones, and ultraportable laptops, the potential for remotely working from anywhere on the planet is greater than ever.

Furthermore, countless recent studies have shown the benefits of working remotely: everything from increased creativity and engagement to heightened productivity and improved employee wellbeing (source : Laboratoire d'Analyse et de Décryptage du Numérique - 09/25/2017).

Just like Buffer and Wordpress, of which the latter closed its San Francisco offices recently after finding that its employees preferred to work remotely, Advenworks is a firm believer in the advantages of remote working. Specifically, it allows the company to hire the world’s top video game talents who are seeking new professional challenges and geographical flexibility — assets that the classic production model simply cannot offer.

For more information about Advenworks and its career opportunities:

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  Nicolas Veyret |+336 24 01 75 36 | |

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