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Après le NY Times, Svitlana Golovchenko lance SVITLAYA
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J'espère que vous allez bien.

Je me permets de vous envoyer le lookbook de SVITLAYA, marque créé par Svitlana Golovchenko, ancienne co-fondatrice de MARCH11 (marque qui a fait le buzz autour des tenues slaves en couverture du NY Times).

Vous trouverez ci-joint le lookbook FW 18, inspirée par la beauté de la nature autour d'une atmosphère urbaine-chic.

La collection est disponible en shopping.

Voilà vous avez tout, dites-moi si vous voulez plus d'infos.

Mille mercis!

À très vite,

Cibele Maciet

Paris - Embroidery is an art full of symbology and tradition passed down for generations from mother to daughter. Fashion designer Svitlana Golovchenko is the best person to modernize it and transform it into contemporary craftsmanship, making this special treasure overcoming the barriers and appealing internationally. Svitlana is the former co-founder of MARCH11, brand founded in 2015 and who brought Slavic style outfits back to the fashion scene.

Three years later, a new way of giving vent to this abundance of colors, shapes, embroidery and beautiful fabrics: Svitlana launches SVITLAYA, inspired by beauty of nature and grace with a chic-urban atmosphere, in a cosmopolite and exquisite way. For the first romantic collection SS 2018, light fabrics such as linen and silk were transformed into puff sleeves, necklines with handmade tassels, kaftans, blouses and dresses with flower and pineapples embroidery in primary and sweet colors. The embroidery was clearly an homage to motifs of nineteenth-century, with every piece inside the needlepoint cut out manually.

For the current collection FW 2018, SVITLAYA launches a fresh selection full of references to nature as twigs and branches of flowers in noble fabrics such as velvet and cotton with snow and tea roses and peonies embroidery, made with the appliqué technique, in which every flower and leaf were cut out and sewn onto the piece by hand. 

Flat trousers, cache-coeur jackets, kaftans, long coats, tunics with silk bars, covers, mini dresses: its universe is mysterious and sophisticated, passing through youthful and flowing looks. The thick band with tassels, made with the most beautiful Czech beads, emphasize waist over shirts and mini dresses, being one of the key themes of the collection. The hand-picked textiles mainly come from Italy and everything is made in Ukraine, with three or four people working on each piece to get the expected result. 

SVITLAYA is creating stunning works of art, and not simply sewing embroidery on dresses: each pattern is a unique work and combination of colors and particular elements. Actually, the brand sells online ( and will soon be at the top of international e-commerce, as well as strategic physical stores.

ABOUT SVITLANA GOLOVCHENKO                                                                                                                                   Svitlana Golovchenko has been working in the fashion business since her teen years: it was both modeling around the world and shooting for the main international titles. She later pursued a career in advertising and marketing at the top positions in CIS countries. Fashion has always been her inspiration. Therefore, in 2015 she cofounded MARCH11, which was hugely successful around the world. Her new project SVITLAYA is more personal and it’s more about her own style and vision of beauty. 

Press contacts:

Cibele Maciet 

+ 33 6 42 87 35 91

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