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BREAKING NEWS: Fully Focus joins Diplo's Revolution on Sirius XM, set to premier
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international DJ will debut new mix shows including the first & only Afro beat show on the 30 million subscriber platform; ‘Afro beat Experience’ monthly & ‘Passport Experience’ weekly.



ATLANTA, KENYA Mar 16th, 2018 :-


 A few weeks after the Afro beat Ambassador, DJ Fully Focus made history in Las Vegas by becoming the first Afro beat DJ to play at Hakkasan, one of the world’s biggest & most prestigious nightclubs and home to EDM heavyweights Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Hard well & Lil Jon just to name a few, Fully Focus now joins mainstream hit maker Diplo, creator & front man of Major Lazer, on his new channel Diplo’s revolution on Sirius XM, the world’s largest radio station premiering March 22nd  2018.


This is however not the first time for the two to collaborate, as they  have collaborated before on Africa Now & Africa Is The Future  Afro Beat mix tapes under the Major Lazer brand  so it makes sense that as soon as Diplo had his own frequency he would call on him. In a recent broadcast on Apple Music’s Beats 1, speaking on their partnership Diplo said “Fully Focus is the most essential Afro beat DJ out there, he always puts me on what’s hot, if you want to know what’s going on in the scene, he’s the man”.


Reacting to the news Kenyan Born DJ said “This is such a blessing ‘cause my fans have been asking when my mixes will return given the limitations on most platforms nowadays. Sirius XM is a creative’s dream platform because there is limitless freedom to express oneself. Shout out to Diplo for the opportunity, can’t wait to take Afrobeat to the world, this is a big win for the culture.”


The ‘Passport Experience’ show will be a weekly hour mix show showcasing everything that’s new & hot in music with no genre limits and will premiere March 22nd at 8pm EST & every Thursday thereafter. While the ‘Afro beat Experience’ show will be monthly starting March 23rd at 8pm EST and will cover the A-Z’s of the Afro beat world plus exclusive interviews & world premieres.

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