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Bristly to make a breakthrough in canine oral health care
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The disruptive toothbrushing stick designed to solve the #1 problem in canine health — oral disease to be produced after the successful crowdfunding campaign on

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Los Angeles-based pet startup Bristly today unveiled plans to make its disruptive canine toothbrushing stick available to the general public and put it into mass production.

Periodontal disease is the near-silent ailment plaguing human’s best friend. Prevalence estimates suggest as many as 84% of dogs by the age of three suffer from it. If left untreated it can cause heart and lung diseases, systemic diseases of kidneys and the liver, diabetes complications, and even cancer.

Bristly, created by Petros Dertsakyan, a pet owner who experienced first-hand the fatal consequence of unchecked canine periodontal disease, marks a change in the way we address and prevent oral health problems in our dogs. Designed with their anatomy and behaviors in mind, the brushing stick enables daily removal of plaque and bacteria without the hard-won toothbrushing battle so familiar to many dog parents.

In spite of its design simplicity, Bristly is meticulously crafted to the last detail. Easy to hold paw pads allow self-use for dogs, the 2-side of bristle lines clean dogs’ teeth down to the gumline. Flavored bristles promote chewing and increase palatability of the stick. Side nudges are meant to provide extra brushing surface for an increased brushing effect. Bristly is equipped with a self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir to enhance cleaning.

Due to its shape the stick is fun and attractable for dogs,  making their daily oral hygiene a routine they look forward to.

Bristly has been a year in the making, and has been put through its paces by a whopping 50,000 beta-testers. Available in three sizes and sure to withstand even the most vigorous of chewers, this industry pioneer is certainly one to watch when it launches on Kickstarter on the 21st of June, 2018.

Pet parents have a great chance to back the project and benefit from a 40% discounted price, and the ability to provide their dogs a happy and healthy life.

All information about the features of the product and consumer feedback are available at the company’s website at (Our Indiegogo page:

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