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Daycation, the new getaway just around the corner: The latest wellness trend by DayUse
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A new practice of enjoying a mini vacation or retreat during the day, the daycation is riding high. Whether it's an upgrade from the everyday routine or just indulging in an affordable day trip,, the leading daytime hotel booking platform, offers thousands of guests around the world that taste of luxury in just a few clicks.


Bubble baths, fluffy robes, exclusive spas, gorgeous views, room service: turn the daycation mode on!


Vacations can get expensive and it could be difficult to find the time to sneak away. A study* even shows that 47% of Americans didn't take all of their vacation last year. Thankfully, there is a perfectly affordable and easy option for enjoying a little sweet escape: a daycation!

With a BFF, a partner, or even solo, planning a hotel daycation is the perfect way to rest, recharge and escape from the chaos of everyday life without having to leave town. is at the heart of this trend: cozy spacious rooms, private pools, incredible spas, exclusive gym centers, gourmet room-service breakfast, booking a 4 or 5-star hotel for a few hours during the day gives access to the best of what a hotel has to offer and at discounted rates of up to 75% off of a night stay. The hardest part will be returning to the daily routine!


More than hundreds of hotels available across North America:


The William Vale, Brooklyn*****

Located in the heart of Brooklyns vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood, this place includes futuristic interiors with lots of discrete geometric details and spacious rooms with cinematic views of Manhattan.

King Room available from 10am to 4pm from $249 with access to the outdoor pool, fitness pool, terrace, bar and restaurant.



Montrose West Hollywood, Los Angeles****

This property provides airy suites, most with balconies and features a mix of futuristic and retro furnishings in one of the city’s liveliest and hip neighbourhoods.

Suite available from 10am to 4pm from $169 with access to the outdoor pool, fitness room, terrace, bar and restaurant.


Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile, Chicago****

This hotel offers spacious and sophisticated rooms as well as a perfect location just steps away from chic shops and Chicago landmarks.

Room available from 9am to 3pm from $109 with access to the indoor pool, jacuzzi, terrace, bar and restaurant.



Grand Beach Hotel Miami Beach****

Set on the stunning coast of Biscayne Bay, this 4-star hotel has an incredible style, artful décor and spectacular views on the Bay and the city skyline.

Aura Room available from 7am to 2pm from $110 with access to the spa, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness room, bar and restaurant.


* Kimble Applications research





The proven industry player is the worldwide leader in daytime hotel booking. Generating incremental revenues, improving the bottom line: enables hotels to double their occupancy while selling their unoccupied rooms during the day to a new clientele. This platform successfully places hotels in touch with a wide range of modern consumers: travelers looking to relax after a red eye, business professionals in need of a temporary office, or any guest willing to indulge in a luxury daycation. is currently available in 23 countries with over 5,000 hotels across the globe and growing rapidly since January 2016 after raising $17 million in Series A Funding from leading Venture Capitalists Idinvest Partners and Partech Ventures (including Angel Investors Paul Dubrule, Group Accor co-founder, and Charles Petruccelli, AMEX Travel President ex. Officio.) For more information, visit



Media Contact: Déborah Laskart / / +33 1 84 16 15 69


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