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The most effective anti-pollution mask in the world designed by the Parisian start-up R-PUR

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French talents have once again hit hard: the Parisian start-up R-PUR launched in 2016 by two engineers: Matthieu Lecuyer and Flavien Hello, has designed the most effective anti-pollution mask on the market capable of filtering nanoparticles. The most advanced in the world, the result of several studies, the mask has already received several innovation awards. R-PUR is the product of a pioneering vision sold in 35 countries around the world that protects motorcyclists, runners and cyclists from air pollution. Focus on a success story made in France with 30% of production sold abroad. 

 A connected mask to protect city dwellers from pollution 

R-PUR is a mask designed to protect runners, motorcyclists or cyclists from urban pollution with a nanoparticle filtering system. This extremely innovative product is first of all a story of friendship that began in Seoul during a semester of exchange. Back in France, Matthieu Lecuyer and Flavien Hello (founders), confronted daily with pollution on their way to work in La Défense, realized the need to design a mask that would protect Parisians from breathing the exhaust fumes. 

After several studies and research, the two engineers found that the masks available on the market were neither effective nor comfortable. They then design a new type of product with several filtration layers. Faced with the effectiveness of the product, a patent was immediately filed and a mobile application developed to enable users to measure in real time the level of external pollution using their smartphone. The mobile application also measures the wear level of the filter and alerts the user when it needs to be changed. The price of the mask is 169 euros and the price of the filter varies between 22 and 29 euros. 

Air pollution : the leading cause of death in the world

R-PUR responds to the problem that all residents of large cities face: poor air quality. The latter has been estimated, after cigarettes and alcohol, the third leading cause of death in France in 2017. R-PUR's objective is to be perceived as the leader in masks against air pollution.  The highly advanced technology developed by the company represents a world first that has attracted the interest of many players including the French Army, Special Forces and fire brigades. Thanks to its Nano Filtration technology, the R-PUR mask is ten times more effective than the highest European standard currently in place. The mask allows you to breathe clean air by filtering toxic particles: fine particles, pollens, bacteria and harmful gases.

 A product that is 100% made in France 

R-PUR has participated in CES in Las Vegas for two consecutive years. The start-up received the prestigious Innovation Awards from the jury in 2018. Winner of the 2019 Grand Prix de l'Innovation de la ville de Paris, she continued on her momentum by also becoming the winner of the 15th edition Graine de Boss, a show launched by M6 each year on Capital.

Today, the company has sold more than 9,000 units in 35 countries around the world, 30% of sales are made abroad and only 70% in France. R-PUR is currently in negotiations with many distributors and brands. The masks are sold via the company's website and are available in a few physical Parisian points of sale: the Star Motors network, the Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

 About R-PUR 

Created in 2016 by Matthieu Lecuyer and Flavien Hello, the R-PUR start-up located at Station F has designed the most effective pollution mask in the world. The company works with nine manufacturing plants, all located in France, to control the entire production chain and product quality. The start-up has set out to offer a design and comfort mask, with a breathable fabric, an anti-fog technology and a very stable fastening system. The product is on sale on the R-PUR website for 169 euros.

Key figures :

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