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Global fashion e-commerce company NA-KD today announced results for 2018 and the first six months of 2019.
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Only three years after launch, NA-KD reports 78 MEUR in net sales in 2018, corresponding to 95% year-on-year growth rate, with substantially improved operational results. H1 2019 shows also 90%+ growth with EBITDA soon to converge to breakeven.
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NA-KD flowers collection

July2, 2019


PRESS RELEASE July 2, 2019: Global fashione-commerce company NA-KD today announced results for 2018and the first six months of 2019.  


Only three years after launch, NA-KD reports 78 MEUR in net sales in 2018, corresponding to 95% year-on-year growthrate, with substantially improved operational results. H1 2019 shows also 90%+growth with EBITDA soon to converge to breakeven.


FY-2018:  The company grew organically 95% in 2018 to net salesof 78 MEUR (FY-2017: 40 MEUR). The EBITDA results improved to -15% of net sales(FY-2017: -22%). The core business NA-KD stood for 90% (FY-2017: 73%) of totalsales, a growth of 135%. NA-KD’s own private label brands stood for 79%. 


H1-2019: In the first six months of 2019 the core business grew93%, with private label brands further increasing its’ share to 86% of sales.The EBITDA improvements accelerated, reaching -11% of net sales, compared to-24% in the same period 2018. Most key markets are now showing profitability onmonthly basis. 


JarnoVanhatapio, CEO & Founder comments on 2018 results: “2018 ended ourthird year since launch. Both growth and the operational results were in linewith our plan. We once again achieved high growth numbers with significant keymetric improvements. Our international ambitions are far greater than otherdirect to consumer companies from the Nordics. We continue to invest heavily tobe able to support our rapid growth and cater for our medium to long termprofitability targets. Our market penetration is still at low levels withtraction in over 80 markets.” 


JarnoVanhatapio, comments on H1-2019 results: “2019 has started accordinglyto plan. Our investments in IT, data-driven operations and products arestarting to pay off with rapidly improving operational margins as a result. Ourproduct margins in 2019 are stronger than ever and we have substantiallyimproved the velocity of our supply chain. We are now down to single digitEBITDA losses on monthly basis and have reached EBITDA profitability inselected markets.” 


Localisation drives growth & profitability  

Atailored customer experience and increased organic traffic stemming fromNA-KD’s localized sites has been an important driver for the growth and thefast improvements of the operational results. By implementing automatedtranslation processes, NA-KD is now fully localized in Germany, Austria,Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, US, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway,Poland.  


BjornBergstrom, Head of Expansion at NA-KD, comments: “NA-KD has sincelaunch had a relentless focus on customer experience. By increasing ourlocalization efforts, we can serve customers in a better way. Our customerloyalty and repeat purchases are standing out amongst our peers and arecontinuing to improve quarter by quarter.” 


Announcement of a 20 MEUR second tranche of Series Bround Following the strongperformance, the company completed in Q2 an oversubscribed issue of new shares.The 20 MEUR round was led by existing investors Partech, eEquity and Northzone,and also welcomed prominent investors such as Quadrille (France) and La Maison(Luxemburg). 


PerJalvemyr, CFO comments: “Given the strong interest from our currentinvestors and the global financial market the opportunity rose for us to raisean additional 20 MEUR at good terms. The added funds will support our existingplan and reassure our strong momentum and financial position while we continueto invest in becoming the top of mind fashion choice for millennials across theglobe.” 


Selectedkey metrics 2019 has since launch January 2016 in 3,5 years achieveda traction among millions of visitors across the world and mainlyEurope.  


  • #site visits, first six months, 2019: 55+ Million
  • #social media followers: 2,9 Million 
  • Examples, market penetration, two largest markets:

Germany:4% of all women aged 21-23 shopped at NA-KD during Q1-2019 

Sweden: 21%of women aged 19-21 shopped at NA-KD during Q1-2019 

  • International footprint: shipped to 125 countries in the last 12 months 




For more information, contact


JarnoVanhatapio, CEO,, +46 76 899 18 00 

PerJalvemyr, CFO,, +46 70 314 70 11 

BjornBergstrom, Head of Expansion,, +46 72 250 27 56   




About launched in January 2016 and has establisheditself as one of the fastest growing fashion e-commerce brands. Thewebsite has monthly over 10 million visitors and the brand NA-KD is one of thefastest growing in social media with over 2,9 million global has delivered to customers in over 170 countries and ships everymonth to more than 100 countries. The majority of the sales comes and in-house brands such as “NA-KD Trend” and “NAKD Boho”. The brandNA-KD is also represented by over 1500 retailers across the globe. 



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