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Happy Couple research collaboration reveals preferred Valentine's dates
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It's almost Valentine's Day, and couples are choosing what to do for the perfect date. Something classic, or quirky?

Research collaboration by Happy Couple and Superdate shows that both singles and couples prefer a standard classic romantic date for Valentine’s Day.  

When asked what their ideal kind of Valentine’s Date would be, 45% of people in relationships said “Something classically romantic,” according to 10,500 responses from users of Happy Couple, a unique relationship-building app. 

Click here to discover the rest of trends and see the full graphics, for side-by-side comparisons of the classic dates chosen by couples and singles, and favorite alternative dates chosen by couples and singles.

Happy Couple can also provide journalists with a toolkit for any Valentine’s Day, sex or relationship articles. Contact us to instantly search our user base of hundreds of thousands of users in relationships, poll couples with 24-hour results, or get help with topics -- all free of cost.

If you are writing any articles and find them useful, please cite Happy Couple (happycouple.co) as your source.

Download the press release here.

Happy Couple has had more than half a million downloads and more than 120 million questions answered. We offer our users quiz questions, tips, challenges and other ways to get to know each other and strengthen their bond. For media inquiries, data or other assistance, please contact:

Lubna Takruri

Content Manager

+1 (415) 629-4969


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