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Header Bags Market: Insights into the factors affecting the growth
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Header bags are the bags which provide an intermediate solution for packaging equipment. Header bags are used for bulky packaging task and are made from high density and low-density Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

Header bags are excellent for rack and hanging display. Header bags have various areas for a custom image at the bag’s top, which creates a smoother and flatter surface which is the best feature for any brand’s branding. A hole in the header enables the bag to display vertically, while an optional, strengthened header can be used for bigger or heavier items.

Key Market Players:

Some of the key players in the Header Bags market are Four Star Plastics, DelStar Technologies, Inc., Interstate Packaging, LLC –, Jarrett Industries, Inc., Plastic Bag Partners, Flexible Packaging, Eastern Web Handling Inc., Tewes Corporation, Commercial Bag & Supply Co., Clear View Bag Co., Inc, Sierra Converting Corporation, International plastics and few other regional players.

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Globally, many header bags manufacturers are continuously developing their products and investing in research and development and adopting advanced technologies.

Market Overview:

Header bags provide resistant to moisture, corrosion, infestation, and decay that makes it suitable for packaging of chemicals and fertilizers. Header bags are made from both biodegradable and non-bio degradable materials. Header bags are used for some medical devices, and procedure kits are packaged in film-packages or foil pouches (header bags), because devices need a barrier to moisture, light, and oxygen. These packaged medical devices and procedure kits cannot be sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO) without the use of a header bags.

Market Dynamics:

Header bags market is anticipated to witness continuous growth over the forecast period. Growing demand for F&B (food & beverages), consumer goods, and grocery will boost the header bags market. Requirement for reducing the weight of packing while transporting materials in fertilizer, chemical, and construction industry is a major factor driving header bags market. Plastics header bags are lightweight, have high workable strength and improved mechanical properties. Development in bakery industry also will drive positive growth for header bags market which is easy in carrying and storing perishable foods using polyethylene. Moreover, rising header bags demand in humid countries as it provides safety in rains will propel bags. Moreover, rapid industrialization and changing consumer living and emerging economies are the factors driving the header bags demand.

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Market Segment:

Header bags market is segmented on the basis of material, application, and regions.

On the basis of material, the header bags market is segmented into Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and others.

As the header bags are used in various industries. On the basis of application, the header bags market is segmented into healthcare, business, food service, and others. In the industrial applications, header bags are used for storing and transporting packaging of items such as toys, small car parts, decorative items, accessories, and much more. Sterile medical packaging drives from the demand of biologics product, pharmaceutical & medical supplies, and medical equipment.

On the basis of geographical regions, the Header Bags market is segmented into seven different regions: North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Japan, and the Middle East and Africa. Among all the regions, North America is the major market for header bags, led by the U.S. and will witness significant growth during the forecast period due to advancement in manufacturing technologies which offers biodegradable header bags. North America is expected to be followed by APAC.

APAC header bags market is dominated by India and China as the region is probably going to witness up surging interest because of growing middle-class income and urbanization. Moreover, growing growth of retail segment combined with rising government investment in different industries in the region will grow the demand for header bags market. Europe is anticipated to experience moderate demand for header bags market due to stringent government regulation on products made from polyethylene to protect the environment.

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