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In Paris, number of productions open to internationals doubles in 2016
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In 2016, a record-breaking number of French shows have become accessible to non-French speakers in Paris, France, thanks to a new multilingual subtitling solution. No fewer than 13 renowned productions (compared to seven in 2015) in the city welcomed internationals, finally giving them the unprecedented opportunity to follow along at numerous shows in Paris.

French theatre, which has always been popular with Parisians, was previously unknown to travellers because of the language barrier. 2016 and early 2017 hold the record for the number of non-Francophone audience members at French productions in the capital. This phenomenon is growing thanks to the company Theatre in Paris. The startup, which was born in 2014, is the only company to provide the theatres and productions with innovative and exclusive subtitling solutions as well as international audiences with dedicated hospitality services.

Last year there were 430 subtitled performances and Theatre in Paris welcomed guests representing over 60 different nationalities.

On offer is an extremely wide range of genres, an attractive alternative to the classic tourist-oriented entertainment in Paris. The company works with both Broadway-scale and intimate musicals (such as “Oliver Twist”, “I Love Piaf”, “Summer ‘44”, to name a few), classic plays (“Cyrano de Bergerac”, “The Cid”, various Molière plays, and more), and very Parisian comedies (“Around the World in 80 Days”, “The Prize”, and many more).

Theatre in Paris’s innovative subtitling solutions include diffusion on LED screens, smartphones, and tablets along with augmented reality glasses. Their hospitality service includes an exclusive printed programme and an English speaking host or hostess to ensure that guests have the most immersive and streamlined experience possible. Theatre in Paris also offers the possibility to privatise halls and venues, as well as tailored add-ons before or after a show.

With over 300 playhouses, Paris is a performing arts capital along with London and New York. Thanks to their subtitling and hospitality services, Theatre in Paris is turning the city into the most open and welcoming theatre destination in the world.

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About Theatre in Paris

Theatre in Paris, a leading player in the field of experience-based tourism, is the only company offering international visitors the richness of live French theatre plays and musicals thanks to multilingual translation, projected above the stage or on mobile devices in real-time. For foreign guests’ full cultural immersion, the company provides an exclusive English welcome service at the venue, further enhancing the experience of a memorable night out among locals, and oversees the sale of tickets to individuals and groups. Established in 2014, Theatre in Paris has enjoyed steady growth, and has won prestigious awards and recognitions for excellence in cultural technology. In 2016, the company provided surtitles for 430 performances of 13 different productions in eight theatres, and welcomed guests from over 60 nationalities. Theatre in Paris is part of Panthea, the European leader of subtitling solutions for performing arts. Check our full programme of entertaining shows for every taste at

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