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International guest Wi-Fi solution
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Founded in 2014 by Damien Chastrette and William Miroux, Cloudi-Fi is based around Paris and is one of pioneers in cloud based Wi-Fi services delivery and engagement platforms. The co-founders worked together at Zscaler, American leader in cloud security. The need came from their existing clients who were also looking for a guest Wi-Fi solution. Through a process of continuous innovation in partnership with our customers we have built a unique platform. We continue to rapidly evolve and grow supporting our partners and customers – 40 global brands clients- through cutting-edge technologies, unmatched scalability and reliability. Today, it's about thousands of sites and a few million of users all around the world. Thanks to our unique solution, we can answer any business need: enterprise, hospitality and hotspot. With 50 worldwide data centers, Cloudi-Fi guest Wi-Fi solution is fully secure and compliant with any local regulation.

An award winning cloud platform partner for enterprises across the globe, we are bringing together disparate elements of the Wi-Fi guests ecosystem – network infrastructure providers, service providers, OEMs/phone OS platforms, and most importantly, the customers. Our platform, professionalising the Wi-Fi guest services, is a result of this journey. Our successful deployments are rewarded by a three-digit growth.

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