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Joko raises 1,6 M€ to reinvent loyalty cards
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The fintech startup Joko carries out its first fundraising with top-tier investors — Partech, Axeleo Capital, Lafayette Plug and Play, and several angel investors from the sector — to develop its simple and universal loyalty program integrated into credit or debit cards.
<p>Joko co-founders (from left to right):  Nicolas Salat-Baroux (COO), Xavier Starkloff (CEO) et Alexandre Hollocou (CTO)</p>

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Joko co-founders (from left to right): Nicolas Salat-Baroux (COO), Xavier Starkloff (CEO) et Alexandre Hollocou (CTO)

The fintech startup Joko carries out its first fundraising with top-tier investors — Partech, Axeleo Capital, Lafayette Plugand Play, and several angel investors from the sector — to develop its simple and universal loyalty program integrated into credit or debit cards.


Joko invents asimple and universal loyalty program using credit cards


Traditional and single-brand loyalty programs are no longer appropriate for the customised buying experience that millennials want. With most brands, it is necessary to have the loyalty card with you and to scan it when you pay. Already existing programs are not or only slightly customised, and the consumer accumulating points on each of his programs has little visibility on the benefits he gets. As a result of this disappointing experience, millennials are increasingly abandoning these historical programs.


Joko revolutionises the loyalty card by offering a seamless, customised and centralised customer experience. Thanks to the mobile application (available on both iOS and Android), the credit card becomes the loyalty card. After connecting the application to their bank through a secure interface, customers automatically accumulate reward points every time they use their usual credit card in dozens of big retailers such as McDonald’s, Uber, Starbucks, Zara and many more. When paying, there is nothing to scan, nothing to say, nothing to do: the user is automatically notified after their purchase and can check their points in the application. In one click, he can trade them for gift cards in several retailers, or convert them into donations to charitable associations.


Not only does Joko centralise and make the loyalty experience easier, but it also provides a 100% customised experience, thanks to a layer of artificial intelligence that suggests offers truly adapted to users' habits. After a few months of beta, Joko has already been adopted by tens of thousands of people, with the user base doubling every month. Users have already earned tens of millions of points since the launch of the beta. Xavier Starkloff, CEO and co-founder, explains: "Our ambition with Joko isto build a strong brand, a product used by millions of people that retailers reward on a daily basis, by putting technology at the service of the user experience”.


For retailers, it is the opportunityto better understand, capture and address millennials


First of all, acquiring and building loyalty through customised offers. "Our users are looking for a reward and loyalty experience that is simple, customised and gamified and that is what we have managed to create with Joko. It is thanks to this experience that we see a real impact on the frequency of purchases and the average basket of our users at the retailers available on the application. For example with Monoprix, we have seen a 17% increase in expenses," explains Nicolas Salat-Baroux, co-founder of Joko.


Then understanding, by observing the dynamics of their market and their competitive positioning. Joko has a very detailed understanding of millennials’ purchasing habits, thanks to the millions of euros of transactions it processes daily. Joko enables brands to understand their positioning in relation to their market and competitors, on the basis of aggregated and anonymised statistics. Pieter Lammens, Director of Lafayette Plug and Play, explains: "As soon as Joko arrived in our 5th acceleration batch, we were immediately seduced by their vision and ability to execute. Today, as an investor, we are convinced that the Joko solution will have a major impact in the medium term for retailers in the recruitment and entertainment of millennials".


The FinTech startup has already convinced several dozen partners, including leading retailers such a sPrintemps, Fnac and Franprix, as well as digital native brands like Birchbox, Heetch and Cityscoot, who have already trusted Joko to optimize their marketing expenses. "Joko is a high-potential lever for deploying customised drive-to-store devices (budget, targeting, dates, etc.); and encouraging the millennials users of the application to discover and shop in Printemps stores," indicates Guillaume Jamin, CRM Acquisition and Loyalty Manager at Printemps.


The goal: developthe technology!


The technology developed by Joko was made possible by the Payment Services Directive No. 2(PSD2), the new European regulation that gives back to consumers the power over their banking data. "Joko's team has the ambition to meet new consumer expectations by relying on the development of new technologies now made possible by the PSD2,and with an extremely strict respect of the use of data," explains Alison Imbert, Investment Director at Partech. Thanks to the recent PSD2, consumers now have the possibility to give access to their banking data to third-party applications, through secure interfaces that banks are obliged to set up. Last year, Joko registered as a payment institution agent with the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR), the institution backed by theBanque de France that ensures the security of banks' customers. Joko is the first mobile application in Europe to use the PSD2 to revolutionize the loyalty experience, and plans to expand internationally by 2020.


By financing itself with renowned investors, Joko has the means to accelerate the development of its solution. Using machine learning techniques, Joko has developed a transaction categorization and intelligent identification engine that is able to identify merchants with unprecedented accuracy. The funds raised will make it possible to recruit more developers and data scientists to join a team that already has, only one year after its creation, about fifteen people currently based at Station F, including former members of Criteo, Jumia (Rocket Internet) and Happn. "Joko’s founders natively understood that the key to their success lay in building a brilliant squad from day one. This path, not always easy for young startup founders, is the reason why they will succeed," comments Lucas Mesquita, Investment Director at Axeleo Capital.


About Joko and its founders


Founded in 2018, Joko has been supported byESSEC Ventures, Wilco (Ile-de-France region), Agoranov (Criteo, Doctolib,etc.), Lafayette Plug and Play. It is now being accelerated within Facebook’sStartup Garage at Station F, a program focused on personal data protection and privacy by design.

About Joko's co-founders:

  • Xavier STARKLOFF, CEO / Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech, Xavier first worked at Jumia, the first African unicorn, where he met Nicolas in Senegal. He then returned to France to work in the development aid field.
  • Nicolas SALAT-BAROUX, COO / Graduate of ESSEC Business School, Nicolas is also a former member of Jumia, where he worked in the e-commerce sector, first in Morocco, then in Senegal. Back in France, he worked at Lazard and Goldman Sachs.
  • Alexandre HOLLOCOU, CTO / Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Mines ParisTech, Alexandre holds a doctorate in artificial intelligence from the INRIA. He has worked at Criteo and the French Ministry of Defence.

For pictures of the co-founders, of the app or the logo, see the album here.

For media inquiries:


About Partech


Partech is a global investment firm with offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar. We bring together capital, operational experience and strategic support for entrepreneurs at seed, venture and growth stages across multiple continents, with over €1.3B investment capacity. Investments range from $200K to $50M in a wide range of technologies and businesses for enterprises and consumers, from software, digital brands and services, to hardware and deep tech across all major industries. Companies backed by Partech have completed more than 20 initial public offerings and more than 50 strategic exits above $100M. Our current portfolio:


For mediaenquiries:

France:Alexis Bollaert           +33 6 63 73 8297

UK/USA:Sonia Rehill            +44 (0)7968 747331


About Axeleo Capital


Axeleo is the acceleration platform dedicated to Enterprise Technology startups, backed by the French Tech Acceleration fund and a partnership of over 60 entrepreneurs and international executives. Targeting B2B startups and corporate innovation programs, Axeleo provides to founders and intrapreneurs the entrepreneurial, operational and financial support to accelerate their business growth. Axeleo Capital, is the venture capital firm (€45M under management) paired with the Axeleo Scale acceleration program, investing from Seed to Series A."


For mediaenquiries: Quentin Guignard | 06 07 02 96 62 |


About Lafayette Plug and Play


As the first innovative platform fully dedicated to retail and e-commerce, Lafayette Plug and Play is a startup accelerator created by the Galeries Lafayette group in partnership with the Silicon Valley based startup accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center. Today the ecosystem is joined by nine other industry leaders who are looking to boost their digital transformation. Located in the heart of Paris, Lafayette Plug andPlay aims to support the development of French and international startups disrupting retail and e-commerce, by creating an innovative ecosystem around these industries. Through minority equity participations, Lafayette Plug andPlay positions itself as a strategic partner that helps startups with their development in France, and abroad through the Plug and Play Tech Centernetwork. More information on

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