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Metal detectors for packaging Market: Outlook, Global Opportunity and Growth Analysis
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With rapid industrialization, use of metal detecting machines is increasing in food packaging industry due to restricting the coagulation of metal particles in food & beverages and pharmaceutical products. Metal detecting machines are commonly used in the packaging industry for quality control of products in food processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture etc. Metal detectors offer high functionality to the manufacturers resulting in a high production process. Use of metal detectors in food & beverage industry is increasing for ensuring customer protection. Metal detectors provide protection against both ferrous and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, steel etc.). Metal detectors can be installed at various steps of a production process or at the entrance and exit of the production processes. Metal detectors are used in many applications such as bakery products, fruits, and vegetables, meat and sausages etc.

Metal detectors for packaging: Key players

Some of the global key players in the field of Metal detectors for packaging market are Advanced Detection Systems, Master Magnets Ltd, The Tamis® Corporation, Loma Systems, Valiant Industries, LLC., Eriez Manufacturing Co., DIBAL, S.A.

Metal detectors for packaging: Market dynamics

To follow stringent regulations related to consumer protection, manufacturers are focusing on innovation in inspection machines. Metal detectors benefit manufacturers from their ability to detect all metals, is a key factor for the growth of metal detector market. Metal detectors provide buffer or window of opportunity to the manufacturers to investigate the production and packaging processes. Some of the key factors driving the metal detectors market in packaging are reduced labor cost, high production process etc. Metal detectors help in speeding up the production process as manual inspection of metallic contamination is reduced, thus helping manufacturers in reducing the labor cost.

The Detailed analysis and statistical data about the market are given in Tabular format, Charts, and Graphs in this research report. Get PDF Sample of this study @

In addition to cost-effectiveness, metal detectors are also used to protect machinery parts against small metal particles which can lead to machine failure, which may hamper the production process. Furthermore, it may increase the maintenance cost and increases time delay. Metal detectors enable the manufacturers to maintain a high quality of their product by eliminating the metal content from the product and reducing the risk of health issues among consumers.

However, some of the restraints that manufacturers face are the high installation cost of metal detecting equipment. Furthermore, incompatibility of metal detectors with food products packed in metalized barrier films may hamper the growth in use of Metal detectors for packaging. In addition to compatibility, the high installation cost of metal detectors may repel small and medium scale manufacturers from installing metal detectors.

Metal detectors for packaging: Regional outlook

Metal detectors for packaging market have been segmented on the basis of the region into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America. North America is expected to have the highest market share of the metal detector in packaging due to the government stringent regulations related to consumer protection in food processing, pharmaceutical etc. APEJ is anticipated to have an above average CAGR during the forecast period. MEA region is expected to register below average CAGR due to the stagnant economy. Western Europe is expected to gain significant market share in Metal detectors for packaging due to growing food and beverage industry.

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