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NA-KD Sales Exceeding € 11 Million During Black Week
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NA-KD Sales Exceeding € 11 Million During Black Week - Over 120,000 Orders Processed Using New Automated Sorters

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Global fashion e-commerce company NA-KD today announced that it sold for more than €11 million during Black Week. The company also announced that it in the last quarter of the year has surpassed an annual net revenue run rate of €100 million, less than three years after launch.

Ahead of Black Week the company installed two automated sorters, which generated an immediate capacity increase of more than 100% and will enable further rapid operational scaling.

Black Week proved to be a record week for NA-KD with over €11 million in gross sales and two days of all time high sales. had more than 3.5 million visits during the week and more than 120,000 orders were placed and shipped to over 70 countries around the world. The largest markets were Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Shortly before Black Week the company improved its global distribution center in the Netherlands with two top-of-the-line automated sorters, increasing long-term warehouse output to over 50,000 orders per day. The sorters represent a total investment value of €1.5 million and will cater for the company’s rapid international growth in 2019 and beyond.

Founder and CEO Jarno Vanhatapio:

“We will always work persistently to provide the best possible experience for our customers. The volumes of our third ever Black Week is a testament to our relentless focus on assortment and customer experience. We know how important fast, reliable, and convenient deliveries are for our target group, so this operational improvement in the warehouse was perfectly timed to meet last week's record high sales volumes.

Co-Founder and COO Oscar von Konow:

“Our new powerful and agile sorter solution ensures flexibility onwards both in terms of volume and product range. The automation will be supporting our international expansion and roll out of more than a dozen new local delivery services in the coming months, including new carriers, evening deliveries and parcel lockers. We will continue to invest in world-class logistics solutions to remain ahead of the game in fashion.”

For more information, contact:

CEO Jarno Vanhatapio,, +46 76 899 18 00

COO Oscar von Konow,, +46 72 0132 358


About launched in January 2016 and has established itself as one of the fastest growing fashion e-commerce brands. The website has monthly over 8 million visitors and the brand NA-KD is one of the fastest growing in social media with over 2 million global followers. has delivered to customers in over 170 countries and ships every month to more than 100 countries. The majority of the sales comes from and in-house brands such as “NA-KD Trend” and “NAKD Boho”. The brand NA-KD is also represented by over 600 retailers across the globe.

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