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NA-KD to Fight for Gender Equality in Collaboration with the Global Fund for Wom
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Swedish fashion e-commerce company NA-KD collaborates with world leading non-profit foundation Global Fund for Women to promote gender equality worldwide.

For the entire month of March, NA-KD will donate 1% of its revenue to Global Fund for Women (GFW), one of the world's leading foundations for gender equality.

Female empowerment and well-being have always been at the heart of NA-KD’s business. As one of global millennials favorite fashion brands with over 100 million yearly visits, NA-KD has the ability to influence women all across the globe and feels that their customers can be a driving force in the world. NA-KD is proud to employ more than 85% of women and provide them with the resources and opportunities

they need to meet their full potential.

To highlight the remaining average global gender wage gap, NA-KD will also, during International Women’s Day (8 March), give all customers across the globe a 23% discount. According to the Women at Work Trends latest report from the International Labour Organisation, the discount of 23% represents the current global gender wage gap between men and women. To increase awareness of the work remaining to be done, the Swedish fashion company will team up with over 300 female influencers across the globe to promote this message with a combined reach of millions globally.

By creating a united front, NA-KD hopes to expand the reach of this cross-cutting issue and encourage both young girls and women to work towards ending gender pay discrimination.

Creative Marketing Manager Ivana Vrbenski says:

Globally, the gender pay gap is estimated to be 23%. In other words, women earn 77 per cent of what men earn. If this continues, it will take more than 70 years for economic parity to be achieved. We live today in the 21st century and it’s obvious that women are still seen as less valued. It’s important for companies like NA-KD with a large audience to act as a role models and to work hard to improve women’s

leadership roles.

Founder and CEO Jarno Vanhatapio says:

Working in the fashion industry, I have always trusted the expertise and professionalism of women. 85% of employees at NA-KD are women and they have managed to make NA-KD, under two years, one of the leading fashion brands online for Gen Y and Z. NA-KD was founded and has its HQ in Sweden, a country known to be the world leader in gender equality. There is still of course a long way to go to achieve a gender equal society but NA-KD will always pride itself on supporting and providing women, in and outside the company, the means to reach success.”

Anna Tenuta, Global Fund for Women, says:

Global Fund for Women is pleased to partner with NA-KD to help ensure all women and girls are strong, safe, powerful, and heard. Global Fund for Women is a champion for gender equality, we fund courageous women-led groups who are demanding rights and justice in their own communities. We’re proud to play our part in the worldwide movement for women’s rights. When we all combine our influence, know-how, and resilience, we become much greater than the sum of our parts. Through our collaborative work, we’ve helped transform lives around the world by winning rights for millions of women and girls.


International Labour Organisation, Women at Work Trends 2016

For more information, contact:

Founder and CEO Jarno Vanhatapio,, +46 768 991800

Creative Marketing Manager Ivana Vrbenski,, +46 73 757 2212

Global Fund for Women:

Senior Campaigns and Communication Manager Anna

Tenuta,, +1 212 419 4467

Image NA-KD/Global Fund for Women


Nakdcom One World AB is Jarno Vanhatapio’s third e-commerce company, having founded (2003) and (2013). NA-KD was founded in April 2015 and operates in the global market of fast fashion, primarily online, but also through pop up stores. launched in January 2016 and is established as a global fashion player with annual revenue run rate of SEK600M ($73M). The websites will have over 100 million visitors in 2018. The brand NA-KD is one of the fastest growing in social media, and has since the start earned over 1.5 million global followers only on Instagram. has under its first 24 months of operation, delivered customer orders to 173 countries and ships every month to 130 countries.

NA-KD the brand is also represented by over 300 retailers across the globe and is listed on Zalando.

About Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women is one of the world’s leading foundations for gender equality, standing up for the human rights of women and girls. They campaign for zero violence, economic and political empowerment, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. The organisation funds and partners with women-led groups who are courageously fighting for justice in their own communities. This rights-based approach gets to the root of gender inequality and is the most effective way to create permanent social change. Since 1987, Global Fund for Women has invested in nearly 5,000 grass-roots organizations in 175 countries, helping to win rights for millions of women and girls.

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