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Nano Light® : the new anti-pollution mask for bicycles
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Available from September 16 for pre-order on the R-PUR site

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The Paris-based start-up R-PUR, launched in 2016, has designed the most effective anti-pollution mask on the market that can filter nanoparticles. Being the most advanced in the world, as a result of several studies, the mask has already received several innovation awards. Following the success of their first model, R-PUR offers a new model dedicated to cyclists: R-PUR Nano Light. This new model of anti-pollution mask will be available on September 16th at the opening of the European Mobility Week, which will focus on safe walking and cycling this year.

 10,000 convinced city dwellers around the world  

Recently awarded the Grand Prix de l'Innovation de la ville de Paris in March 2019, R-PUR has already convinced more than 10,000 city dwellers with its R-PUR Nano anti-pollution mask. 

The story of the brand began with two founders, Matthieu Lecuyer and Flavien Hello, in 2015. 

After several studies and research, two engineers found that the masks available on the market were neither effective nor comfortable. So they designed a new type of product with several filtration layers

Impressed with the effectiveness of the product, a patent was immediately filed, and a mobile application was developed to enable users to measure the level of external pollution in real time using their smartphones. 

The mobile application also measures the wear level of the filter and alerts the users when it needs to be replaced. The price of the mask is 149 euros, and the price of the filter varies between 22 and 29 euros. 

 Thanks to the users, R-PUR in constant evolution 

Initially developed for urban motorized two-wheelers, many cyclists quickly took possession of the R-PUR Nano mask. More sensitive to the challenges of air pollution, they were looking for a solution that was protective, breathable and perfectly tailored to their needs.

After many months of development and testing with its own community, R-PUR presents its new Nano Light model, designed for and by cyclists. Two models will be offered for pre-order on September 16th for delivery in November.

The Nano Light models incorporate the same filtration technology as the Nano model. The new models incorporate two new technologies: Nano Light Reflective and Nano Light Ceramic.

Reflective technology ensures optimal safety for cyclists in the middle of the night and effectively reduces the risk of accidents. By day and night, the glass microbeads integrated into the mask matrix allow any light source to be returned to its transmitter.

Ceramic technology offers optimal protection against abrasion. This innovative textile technology firmly bonds fine ceramic particles to the textile, providing superior protection against falling or splashing.

In conclusion, this model dedicated to cyclists is a more breathable, lighter, reflective and resistant to intensive washing.

It is offered at the price of 119€ instead 149€

 A week of mobility under the theme of cycling in complete safety  

The 18th edition of the European Mobility Week 2019 was held from September 16th to 22nd, and its main theme was: "Walking and cycling in complete safety".

It highlights the benefits they bring to our health and our environment while saving money! These two active modes of transportation do not produce harmful emissions and contribute to heart health.

However, cyclists are the first to suffer from air pollution in urban cities. In 2015, fine particles PM2.5 were directly responsible for 31,300 premature deaths, making United Kingdom the fourth most destructive country in Europe. With 41,000 premature deaths due to air pollution that year, which represents a total of 76% just for fine particles PM2.5, there is an urgent need to react.


Air quality in Europe 2018 (page 66 of 88)

Key figures :

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