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Natural Healing & Gemstone Therapy Dr. Eve
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Natural Healing and Gemstone Therapy: Know Your Divine Blueprint Alignment In 2018

Dr. Eve Reveals “The Secret Power of Crystals and Natural Healing Therapies”

LOS ANGELES, February 19, 2018 – A healthy body and healthy mind is what Dr. Eve would like to share with anyone who seeks the best in living well during this New Year and beyond. The added plus factor is that Dr. Eve emphasizes wellness as a whole for one’s body, mind, and spirit. She is known to many as a doctor of alternative healing practices, master hypnotherapist, holistic health practitioner, Reiki Master, and moreover one who is solely focused on aiding humanity with nutritional and natural medicine.

When you meet with Dr. Eve, she captivates your attention with her extensive knowledge, enduring wisdom and caring spirit. Simply put, her mission is to provide the absolute best to those who need alternative health care solutions. She states: “I strive to utilize the wisdom of ancient healing arts in the treatment of modern-day illnesses. Doctor Eve explains that “By combining the philosophies of the past with today's leading-edge remedies, we are able to provide optimum support to the body's natural healing process.”

Is your mind and body in perfect alignment? Dr. Eve created The Divine Blueprint Alignment with Sound Therapy healing service that of a necessity should be placed as a priority for those who seek guidance with removing blockages, for those who yearn for increased energy, increased clarity and overall healing on all levels. Dr. Eve additionally aids clients with her specialized sound healing therapy services called Crystal Tuning Fork Therapy. This is a powerful, non-invasive healing modality that utilizes sound vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field. It has been used successfully in a wide variety of conditions and maladies by unblocking or releasing energy disturbances inside and outside the body. Dependent on the need, the appropriate tuning fork is struck and then held by the base at a skin-point on a specific charka, meridian, and/or acupuncture point. You can learn more about the Divine Blueprint Alignment below.

Dr. Eve Gemstone Therapy Activation with the Sleep Stone - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DVR7muUXiw

Dr. Eve also offers a plethora of mind, body and wellness products that are of high value which include: Sunbeam Trace Mineral Drops (a highly concentrated formulation that is the perfect solution for replenishing the body with the nutrients it requires to maintain optimum health (link below). She also offers The Power Card, which is a multi-dimensional holographic tool that works on your energy field to raise vibration and transform issues, cleanse, release, detoxify, purify and harmonize. Additionally, Dr. Eve offers the crystal power which is a must-have bracelet called the Muscovite Bracelet. The Muscovite crystal is believed to assist the body in achieving its most appropriate weight, as well as to prevent hunger when fasting.

About Dr. Eve Allen, Ph.D.

Dr. Eve Allen, a.k.a. Doctor Eve, has a passion for helping others regain and maintain wellness through a balanced, holistic approach to health care. Returning to health means caring for the body as a whole, that is, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as opposed to simply treating a disease. Doctor Eve revels in working closely with colleagues in both conventional and alternative medicine in order to help her clients select the most effective approach for their individual path to health. Moreover, Doctor Eve treats people of all ages and has special expertise in the spectrum of emotional issues, gemstone therapy, weight loss and immune system enhancement. Doctor Eve has over 22 years of pharmaceutical background experience working for some of the largest corporations in the country. Dr. Eve is married to a distinguished former NBA Player, Lucius Allen, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers which may be observed at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucius_Allen

Dr. Eve Bio: http://www.doctoreve.com/bio/

Press Video Profile: http://www.doctoreve.com/dr-eve-on-braveheart-woman/

Divine Blueprint Alignment: http://www.doctoreve.com/divine-blueprint-alignment-with-sound-therapy/

Sunbeam Trace Mineral Drops: http://www.doctoreve.com/product/sunbeam-trace-mineral-drops/


The Power Card: http://www.doctoreve.com/product/power-card/

The Muscovite Crystal: http://www.doctoreve.com/product/muscovite-bracelet/


For all media inquiries, kindly contact:

Lela Christine

Director of Communications

The Society Nineteen Group

Email: Lela@societynineteengroup.com

Office: 310-645-8823

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