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U.S. Navy Veteran returns home to run for Congress in the 43rd District against Maxine Waters.

Los Angeles, Ca. March 12, 2018: Navy Veteran Joe E. Collins III returns to his home town of Los Angeles California after a successful 13-year career in the United Stated Navy, to run for Congress in the upcoming 2018 election.

Our veteran will be running in the 43rd Congressional District of California against the elderly incumbent Maxine Waters. Collins states “I along with the people of the Greater Los Angeles, have much respect and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the those who have been representing our State and our Country here on the home front, but it is more than obvious that the current establishment is out dated and no longer effective. It is time we took a different approach to moving our country forward, one that is driven by youth and where we can utilize the woes of the past to create strong bond and relationships for our future.

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