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New Jersey Entrepreneur, Rider University Alum Receives Rider Way Award
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Fizzee Labs, Creator of innovation learning tools, is collaborating with Rider University to introduce students to the power of their creativity through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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[Press Release] New Jersey - May 29, 2018 - Rider University, an AACSB Accredited University located in Lawrenceville, NJ, created The Rider Way Award to honor a Rider alum and a faculty member who have demonstrated exemplary academic and professional accomplishments as well as leadership and service within the Graduate Business Program. Alumnus Joseph R. Hudicka was nominated by College of Business Administration (CBA) faculty and staff and selected by the Rider Way Award Committee for his contributions to the Rider University community.

Joe has been an outstanding supporter of Rider and its students through his work with the Entrepreneurship Center, and the Supply Chain and Information Systems areas.”, says Dr Ron Cook, Rider University’s Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, CBA and Professor of Entrepreneurship.

Dr Cook is also the Founder & Director of The Rider University Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Small Business Institute (SBI), while also serving as Dean of Fellows for the Small Business Institute Association. “Joe clearly represents the outstanding qualities that distinguish the alumni recipients of this award.”, says Dr Cook.

It is so energizing to tap into my entrepreneurial and professional experiences, mentoring these bright young minds as they begin to launch their own careers, and in some cases, their own startups!”, share Joe Hudicka. “But to receive the award in the very same year with Dr William Amadio (also pictured above), who was my advisor when I attended Rider, and is also a life long friend and mentor, well that’s just pure bliss!”, add Joe.

Joe, who completed his Rider MBA in 2000 after completing his bachelors in business in 1993, co-founded Fizzee Labs, LLC with his wife Lora, and children Joey (16) and Heidi (11). They create engaging learning resources such as OUTTA THIS WORLD!, a board game that activates your imagination by having you invent amazing new products or experiences, in a fast paced, competitive format.

OUTTA THIS WORLD! Is a journey through the depths of outer space. You have very limited supplies with you on your mission, and you must creatively repurpose these supplies, transforming them into brand new products or experiences that you can sell to the alien civilizations you will meet along your journey, while raising the funds you need to reach your destination!” describes co-founder Joey Hudicka.

Upon noticing the increase in creativity people of all ages were experiencing upon playing OUTTA THIS WORLD!, Joe promptly brought these insights to his mentors at Rider. He is now serving his passion for teaching people the power of their creativity by serving on the Board of Advisors for Rider’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, as one of Rider’s three Entrepreneur-in-Residence mentors, and by teaching an Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship course to incoming freshman across of fields of study. 

I believe that the economy of today and tomorrow expects everyone to be innovators, to constantly improve upon the current norm. So teaching these young adults how to identify, evaluate and leverage opportunities for innovation is probably the greatest contribution I can give.” shares Joe Hudicka.

Details of Fizzee Labs developing an Education Partnership with NASA and their upcoming National Event Series beginning in New Jersey, will be released shortly at

OUTTA THIS WORLD! The Game can only be purchased at, for the specially discounted price of $55. Community Packs which include 5 games, post game learning tools and training materials, are also available upon request at,

These packs are great for classrooms and community organizations interested in hosting Innovation Fun & Learning Events.

Press Contact

Joseph R. Hudicka


About Fizzee:

Founded 2014, Creator of Entrepreneurial & Innovation Learning Tools and Events from Classroom to Corporate Environments, business founded by Joey, Heidi, Lora and Joe Hudicka.

About Rider University:

Becoming an entrepreneur requires going beyond traditional business education. You have to learn to think like an entrepreneur. You have to know how to recognize the needs within a market and the potential of an idea. You also have to have the critical thinking skills to evaluate a new approach. Rider University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies draws upon the courses and expertise offered in the different departments of the CBA to give you the education and the real-world skills you need to achieve your entrepreneurial potential.


NASA created the Optimus Prime Spinoff & Research Challenge (OPSPARC) as way to teach young people about the power of their creativity, and their ability to make a real impact in our world. OPSPARC delivers experiences where participants choose a NASA technology spinoff, discover how it can improve their world, test their innovative idea which could inevitably become a real world product or service. NASA’s collaboration with Fizzee Labs and their innovation games creates a fun, engaging way to increase youth participation in OPSPARC.

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