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Oiled & Waxed Paper Market: Emerging niche segments and regional markets
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Oiled & waxed paper are made moisture proof using applications of oil and wax coatings. The requirement of oiling and waxing paper in order to make it translucent or moisture proof goes back to ancient times. These oiled & waxed papers are used to keep away moisture from paper, to wrap various kinds of products which are needed to be kept moisture free. In the past, oiled & waxed paper were used for photographic negatives. Even today, oiled & waxed paper market is flourishing. Oiled & waxed paper is frequently used for cooking purposes due to its non-stick properties. Waxed paper is produced by putting paper through super calendaring, after these, a layer of paraffin wax is added to the paper.

Various food and confectionary industries use oiled & waxed paper for wrapping up of cookies and other products as it keeps moisture either out or in. Oiled & waxed paper are most commonly used for arts and craft as well as in sewing, for tracing purposes. Oiled & waxed paper is also useful in household applications. Oiled & waxed paper are very useful to wrap products which becomes soft and unhygienic if left open to air, such as chips, cookies etc. Oiled & waxed paper is an ideal choice for wrapping of products due to its retention properties. Hence, it is anticipated that the global oiled & waxed paper market will witness high preference over the forecast period.

Global oiled & waxed Paper market: Dynamics

Oiled & waxed paper has particularly high dielectric strength which makes it electric insulator. It is commonly used as coil winding separators, and also provides resilience against potential difference up to some volts. These features enable wide usage of oiled & waxed paper in the electrical and consumer electronics industry, which is currently witnessing growth. Increased adoption of oiled & waxed paper in electrical appliances is expected to increase growth of the global oiled & waxed paper market.

The Detailed analysis and statistical data about the market are given in Tabular format, Charts, and Graphs in this research report. Get PDF Sample of this study @

Turntablists place one or more sheet of wax paper under their records to increase record slip to produce different sound effects. This application in music industry will boost the oiled & waxed paper market growth. Another factor which might increase the penetration of oiled & waxed paper is that it is used as a light diffuser and hence is used by the photographers, for effective photography. Oiled & waxed paper is widely used in the arts and craft industry, generally for sewing purpose. It will give pace to global oiled & waxed paper market.

One of the factors which might reduce growth of the global oiled & waxed paper market is that it cannot be recycled, and additives such as petroleum makes them non-biodegradable, which might affect the environment. Various alternatives of global oiled & waxed paper are available in the market, such as foils, which might hamper growth of the global oiled & waxed paper market.

Overall, the global oiled & waxed paper market is expected to witness moderate growth. APEJ is expected to drive the global oiled & waxed paper market growth as India and China are empowering the manufacturing industries. The North America and Western Europe oiled & waxed paper market is expected to register moderate growth due to different options available to them. Rest of the world is expected to witness healthy growth in the global oiled & waxed paper market.

Global oiled & waxed Paper market: Key Players

Few of the key market players in the global oiled & waxed paper market are – International Paper Company, Grantham Manufacturing Ltd., Papertec, Inc., Nichols Paper Co., Inc., Griff Paper & Film, Sierra Coating Technologies, LLC., BPM Inc.

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