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The Ethypharm Group and the Kalceks sign an agreement to make four injectable pain-management* solutions available in the CNS field in Germany
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Saint Cloud, France – 4th July 2019

The Ethypharm Group is announcing that, via its subsidiary in Germany, it has entered into anagreement with the Kalceks under which Ethypharm is obtaining exclusive distribution rights inGermany for injectables with a base of Dexketoprofen, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone and Midazolam.“We are delighted to be able to count Kalceks among our partners.

This new partnership is anopportunity for Ethypharm Gmbh to extend its drug offer in the field of CNS and more specifically inpain management. We are proud to be able to offer German patients and healthcare professionalshigh-quality drugs that meet their needs” says Ruud Helwig, Managing Director of Ethypharm GmbH& VP Commercial Operations Europe.Fréderic Molin, Executive Vice President Corporate Development, adds that, “The Ethypharm Groupis seeking partnership opportunities in advanced development and commercial products, in the fieldsof the CNS (Pain, Addiction) and Critical Care as our top priorities for Europe. We put all our skills andknowledge at our partners’ disposal in the fields of Development, Regulatory Controls, MarketAccess, Sales and Marketing, and Industrial Production.”CEO of Kalceks, Juris Hmelnickis Ph.D., adds that, “Kalceks highly appreciate cooperation withEthypharm and are sure that it is just the beginning of long-term cooperation to make availableproducts for patients that will be expanded in order to have stronger product portfolio together”.

Ethypharm is committed to pain managementPain relief is nowadays considered a basic right that applies to every individual, managing pain is amajor public health challenge in the 21st century. Today, 80 million adults in Europe suffer fromchronic pain1.

Based on recommendations from health authorities, learned societies and healthcare professionals ;Distribution of the analgesics Oxycodone and Hydromorphone is accompanied by information forboth patients, prescribers and healthcare professionals to make them aware of the risks of addictionassociated with opioidsThe Ethypharm Group CEO Bertrand Deluard concluded, “Business development and in-licensing isfundamental to our strategy. We are very glad that our German subsidiary has been involved fromstart to finish in setting up this local partnership, and we are currently considering broadening thescope of our collaboration with Kalceks. This is fully consistent with the positioning of the EthypharmGroup as a specialty pharmaceutical company and demonstrates once again how involved it is in painmanagement.”

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