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Time to Take a Nap: May the stigma of napping disappear!
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Time to Take a Nap

May the stigma of napping disappear!


According to a recent survey, 51% of Americans have admitted to snoozing at work*. More and more companies are realizing just how much employees could benefit from a little rest during their work day, and an increasing number of workers are starting to afford themselves such a break., the worldwide leader in daytime hotel bookings, provides the means for thousands of guests daily around the world to reserve a hotel, room during the day so they can enjoy a power nap.


Urban living can take its toll on the body and mind. Long commutes, stressful jobs, winter blues, exhaustion, shift work… The list of reasons to take a nap goes on and on. "Enough with the rest shaming", stated Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post, and author of 'The Sleep Revolution'. Indeed, the benefits of napping are undeniable: increasing productivity, preventing burnouts, and improving overall wellbeing.


Napping is becoming the next wellness trend!

With Napping Day right around the corner (March 11), this is a prime opportunity to celebrate! It’s time to take a rest and recharge instead of having that second cup of coffee! Booking a hotel room for a few hours provides a solution for everyone from exhausted business professionals to fatigued commuters to travelers in transit with a secure, comfortable environment at a discounted rate.

Hilton Garden Inn New York/Tribeca

Standard Room from 10am to 4pm from $69 with access to the fitness room, and the business center

The Mosser Hotel, San Francisco

Standard Room from 10am to 4pm from $79

Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago

Standard Room from 9am to 6pm from $69 with access to the fitness room, beauty center, and business center

Aloft Philadelphia

Standard Room from 10am to 5pm from $69 with access to the business center, fitness, and indoor pool

*Survey by Amerisleep:

Click here to download the pictures and the PDF:

Media Contact: Déborah Laskart / / +33 1 84 16 15 69


The proven industry player is the world leader in daytime hotel booking. Generating incremental revenues, improving the bottom line: opens hotel doors to a new local clientele.'s platform successfully places hotels in touch with a wide range of modern consumers: travelers looking to relax after an exhausting flight or survive the extended layover, business professionals in need of an ideal environment for a big meeting, or any guest willing to indulge in a luxury “daycation”. is currently available in 23 countries with over 5,000 hotels across the globe and growing rapidly. Since January 2016, after raising $17 million in Series A Funding from leading Venture Capitalists Idinvest Partners and Partech Ventures (including Angel Investors Paul Dubrule, Group Accor co-founder, and Charles Petruccelli, AMEX Travel President ex. Officio.) For more information, visit

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