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Urban Sports Club strengthens its international growth, with support from new investor Partech
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Key Points
● Sports flat rate membership model expanding internationally and in France
● First investment of Partech's Growth Fund in Germany

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Paris, France/ Berlin, Germany, 23rd of October 2018Urban Sports Club, the European market leader for sports flat rate memberships, has secured an 8-digit financing round led by Partech. The investment will be used to foster international growth, with a focus on strengthening the offer in France. The company will open new cities, add new venues and invest in marketing activities to raise awareness for its offer and its studio partners. Urban Sports Club is the first German company to receive financing through Partech Growth fund.

Urban Sports Club revolutionizes the way people practice sports and wellness by offering a single membership that allows visiting over 3.000 venues in currently more than 30 cities in three countries (Germany, France and Italy). The company has pioneered an aggregator model in Europe, which allows its members to book activities or simply participate in free trainings at partner venues all with the use of a smartphone application. Memberships range from 29 to 129 Euro per month, depending on access level, and can be used in all venues internationally. Urban Sports Club also addresses the need for comprehensive corporate benefits solutions by enabling companies large and small to add this flexible sports membership to their existing job perks.

“Our dream has always been to provide our members access to the largest sports offer in Europe at their fingertips. Partech is the right partner with the experience and network that will now support our strong international growth”, says Moritz Kreppel, CEO and Co-founder at Urban Sports Club. “Sports is our DNA, which is why we move fast. Hence we were also extremely satisfied with the fast and smooth investment process we experienced as founders working with Partech.”

Urban Sports Club started late 2012 in Berlin, Germany, when Benjamin Roth and Moritz Kreppel, two passionate entrepreneurs and sports enthusiasts, developed the concept of a flexible membership model that completely revolutionizes outdated traditional sports or fitness subscription models. In recent years it expanded fast to other cities and countries, thanks to its organic growth and strategic M&A’s. After first setting foot in the French market in 2017, the company is now replicating its success across Europe with the recent opening of two cities in Italy. After growing the supply in Paris to over 300 venues, Urban Sports Club recently launched its second market in France, Lyon, where 25 venues are available from the start.

Explains Omri Benayoun, General Partner at Partech: “When we came across co-founders Moritz (Kreppel) and Benjamin (Roth) earlier this year, it was love at first sight: we immediately knew they were an exceptional founding team and the right one to build the European leader in their field. We are very much looking forward to support them in this journey and help them accelerate their development, especially in France.”

About Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club offers a flexible sports flatrate. The mission is to help people lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Club members can choose from 50+ activities - ranging from classic gym workout, swimming, yoga, or bouldering, to team sports and lots more - and more than 3.000 partner venues in Germany's major cities and 300 in Paris, France and 50 in Rome (Italy). Variety, flexible conditions as well as team sports and wellness are offered both for private customers and companies.

Urban Sports GmbH was founded in 2012 by Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth in Berlin, Germany. After two years of bootstrapping, the company secured an early-stage financing in 2015 and went on to acquire four of its German competitors. In December 2016, the former competitor Somuchmore joined the German market leader; FITrate joined in 2018.

PR Contact

Torsten Müller

Head of Marketing & PR

+ 49 179 36 56 404

About Partech:

Partech is a global investment firm with offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar. We bring together capital, operational experience and strategic support for entrepreneurs at seed, venture and growth stages across multiple continents, with over $1.3B investment capacity. Investments range from $200K to $50M in a wide range of technologies and businesses for enterprises and consumers, from software, digital brands and services, to hardware and deep tech across all major industries. Companies backed by Partech have completed more than 20 initial public offerings and more than 50 strategic exits above $100M.

PR Contact:

Sonia Rehill

+44 (0)7968 747331

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