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What is the better alternative in place of plastic bag clips: Know Everything about Pre-cut Twist Ties and it's Market Status
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Pre-cut twist ties are reclosable devices which are used to close bags/wraps with ease. Usually made up of plastic with two metal straight wires on its edges, the pre-cut twist ties are used in the sealing of food product to protect the freshness, as well as for non-food products leading to its easy reusability. It provides a simple way to keep the product safe and prevent spillage or external damage. The global pre-cut twist ties market is largely influenced by the rising demand from the bakery and confectionery market. Therefore, the increase in demand for packaged fresh food will increase the demand for pre-cut twist ties, globally.

Global Pre-cut Twist Ties Market: Dynamics

The pre-cut twist ties market is expected to grow on the framework of growth in the packaged fresh food industry, globally. Easy and convenient sealing at a reasonable cost is the need for today‘s food and non-food packaging industry. Pre-cut twist ties make packaging reusable and moisture resistance. Pre-cut twist ties enjoy a great demand from electronics packaging industry to tie and seal wired accessories. Pre-cut twist ties have emerged as a better alternative in place of plastic bag clips. Pre-cut twist ties are easy to use and cost efficient, which influence a large number of the applicant for the use of it, for the process of packaging and sealing. Trends like light-weight bag closures to achieve sustainable targets at reduced cost will raise the sales of pre-cut twist ties. Presence of options in pre-cut twist ties such as colour, material, and size will increase the demand for global pre-cut twist ties.

Global Pre-cut Twist Ties Market: Segmentation

The global pre-cut twist ties market is segmented as follows –

By product type, the global pre-cut twist ties market is segmented into –

  • Twist Bands
  • Twist Strips
  • Others (Gang Tie, etc.)

By material type, the global pre-cut twist ties market is segmented into –

  • Papers
  • Plastics
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Metal

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By application type, the global pre-cut twist ties market is segmented into –

  • Bakeries Products & Confectionery Packaging
  • Wire & Cables Packaging
  • Groceries Packaging
  • Fresh Produce Packaging
  • Medical Accessories Packaging
  • Others

Global Pre-cut Twist Ties Market: Regional Outlook

North America are considered as one of the largest markets for pre-cut twist ties due to the high selling of packaged food product. Asia Pacific region is expected to witness high growth and is anticipated to have the high CAGR for packaged food, and wires & cables market during the forecast period. The regions such as Europe and Oceania is expected to witness high average growth in the forecast period. GCC market in the MEA region is anticipated to witness an increase in CAGR during the forecast period.

Global Pre-cut Twist Ties Market: Key players

Some of the leading players operating in the global pre-cut twist ties market are as follows –

  • Bedford Industries Inc.
  • T & T Industries Inc.
  • Schutte bagclosures B.V.
  • Zhenjiang Hongda Commodity Co.,Ltd.
  • Plas-Ties, Co
  • Detmold Group
  • Petersens Plastics
  • GBE Packaging
  • Rifkin Co
  • TruSeal Pty Ltd
  • International Plastics Inc
  • HSA International Group
  • ITW Envopak Limited
  • Vikela Aluvin Pty Ltd
  • Versapak International Ltd
  • Euroseal A.S
  • AndFel Corporation

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