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World premiere for Jura-based watchmaker Louis Chevrolet
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Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches, a watchmaking brand based in Porrentruy, Switzerland, is innovating a range of watches including the brand's latest pending patent - the flying date - with a reveal on Kickstarter from 11th March, combined with another world exclusive: a calendar and date fully luminescent in the dark.
<p>Frontenac Kickstarter PVD Rose Gold - Louis Chevrolet</p>

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Frontenac Kickstarter PVD Rose Gold - Louis Chevrolet

Wider and brighter visibility

The combination of these innovative concepts presented as a preview, reconstrues how the date is read on the watch. The conventional day window is moved 360 degrees on the dial and makes luminescent material able to be placed on the date disc, on the calendar numbers and on the reflector. Thanks to these innovations, readability of the date is increased by 50% compared to the standard on the movements used.

Louis Chevrolet: innovative concepts

Amongst the pioneers of Swiss watchmaking to sell exclusively by digital means, Louis Chevrolet is looking to integrate in its watches an appropriate balance between innovation, design and quality, all at attractive prices. This formula enables watchmaking lovers to enjoy cutting-edge technical innovations, all while guaranteeing the most reasonable and suitable costs.

"Selling our watches only online or at our factory allows us to adopt a fair and favourable pricing policy for our customers. We cover the costs of production, marketing and administration before reinjecting the profit into research and development. On products of a similar range, we can be up to 50% cheaper than our competitors" says André Saunier, CEO of Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches.

A crowdfunding campaign inspired by "vintage cars"

In order to successfully complete their project, Louis Chevrolet is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on 11th March. The quartz and automatic watches will be presented to bring together these two world premieres. Contributors will be rewarded with exclusive advantages. Price starting at CHF 358 (USD 360). More information on or

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Based in Porrentruy, Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches sells since 2006 watches designed and manufactured in its factory. The name Louis Chevrolet pays homage to the eponymous man, of Swiss origin, founder of the "Chevrolet Motor Car Company". The factory is located less than 10km from the place where Louis Chevrolet spent his childhood.

Press contact Louis Chevrolet Swiss Watches

Florent Bregnard
Marketing & communication manager
+ 41 (0)32 465 38 08

Louis Chevrolet Watch Company SA
En Roche de Mars 10
2900 Porrentruy
Jura- Suisse

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