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World's Largest Recovery App can now predict relapses w/ Artificial Intelligence
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New York, NY (February 16, 2018) — Sober Grid, Inc., a National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health backed company, in partnership with UPenn Perelman School of Medicine, has successfully predicted if someone is going to relapse with drug or alcohol use. With Sober Grid’s massive data set the existing and new algorithms show promising outcomes to combat today's addiction crisis.


Sober Grid has an impressive leadership team that includes Chief Operating Officer, Chris Pesce, a Boston College and Johnson and Johnson alumnus and the esteemed Mr. Lon Sherritt as it’s Chief Data Scientist. Lon was previously Director of Research and Technology at Boston Children's Hospital for 18 years and was also an Associate Researcher at Harvard Medical School. The Sober Grid team has worked closely with Dr. Brenda Curtis and her team of data scientist and machine learning experts at UPenn Perelman School of Medicine to get to where they data and algorithm could predict. Sober Grid is widely known as being the leader in the addiction space. Sober Grid has managed to maintain the largest user base in the mobile peer support recovery community. Their large user base ensures that the data is in a large enough quantity to produce valid results. They are also being advised by Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and renowned addiction expert Dr. Warren Bickel, amongst many others.

Sober Grid intends to pursue phase two NIH and NSF projects. In phase II they aim to deliver efficacious interventions to people who have been predicted as potential relapsers. The savings that this could create for society by saving lives and reducing the trillion dollar cost of addiction is massive. The private payers and government insurers could see billions of dollars in savings.


For additional information about Sober Grid, please visit, for info on UPenn Perelman School of Medicine click here, or click here for the National Institute of Health or here for the National Science Foundation, and for info on Beau Mann please visit Beau Mann




About Sober Grid

Sober Grid is the largest social network for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, providing a free, peer support network to a community of over 107,000 members from over 100 different countries. Some join to get support, others to give it. Each download, post and connection creates an opportunity to stay sober while helping others do the same. Members have access to 24/7 peer support, the ability to check in and track their mood, complete daily quests to reinforce sober habits, connect with others who are sober in their area, and track overall progress. Sober Grid is available for free in the Apple and Android App Stores.

About Beau Mann

Beau Mann is an entrepreneur who has started and advised several digital companies. He is a member of the invitation only Forbes Technology Council and has been on numerous TV, radio and print publications which include the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, just to name a few.


He most recently launched a very successful social network, Sober Grid, which has been adopted in 80 countries and uses artificial intelligence to predict relapses and intervene.

He currently sits on the board of InvestAcure, a NYC based micro finance app founded to provide a tool to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Mann is enrolled in a Micro Masters program in Artificial Intelligence at Columbia University. Mann also studied strategic management at Harvard University.


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