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You're probably wondering what makes Arbonne different from any other skincare, beauty, or nutrition product out there. I'm happy to tell you!
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I was introduced to Arbonne in the last few years and it has changed the way I view health and nutrition forever! In my past I have spent WAY to much money on skincare products that have not worked for my red and sensitive skin. I was diagnosed with Rosacea and have struggled to find any product that does not irritate my skin. It is through Arbonne that I found out that the EU law bans 1,200 chemicals from cosmetics that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm or birth defects. In comparison, the U.S. FDA has only banned or restricted 10 chemicals from cosmetics. ONLY 10! To me this is disturbing. No wonder my skin is so irritated all the time!

What stood out to me about Arbonne was...

-The NOT ALLOWED List. The list of ingredients Arbonne cannot include is more than 2,000 ingredients — nearly 1,400 from the European Unionplus several hundred more — that we won’t use in any of our formulas across our categories including skincare, personal care, hair care, nutrition, and makeup.

-Being Certified Arbonne Clean ™ begins with the ingredients that we use, taking the best from nature, and embracing the idea that healthy living starts from the inside out.

-Arbonne has not only mastered skincare, but also bath and body, makeup, and nutrition.

The skincare product from Arbonne that has worked wonders on my skin is the Calm Collection. The extra gentle Calm skincare line hydrates, comforts and soothes with the kindest ingredients for your skin. I recommend it for anyone with super sensitive skin like me! Along with this Arbonne understands not everyone has the same skin type. Arbonne has wonderful products for anti-aging, acne, and more!

MAKEUP: I recently made the decision to purchase a special value pack of Arbonne's Makeup. I have been purchasing the, It's A Long Story, mascara for a while and then moved onto buying the foundation. After loving both, I decided to go all out. This Special Value Pack comes with six beauty must-have basics. It then comes with choosing a foundation, four eye shadows, a concealer, a blush, a pencil eye liner, a brow pencil, a brow cream, a lipstick, a lip gloss, and a lip liner to complete the set. It has not arrived yet for me to use, but it is on its way! I cannot wait to transfer over to a brand of makeup I know I can trust what is going on my face.

I am happy to talk to anyone and share my testimony about my experience with Arbonne products. I began this journey signing up as a preferred client. After months of falling in love with Arbonne's products I recently decided to become a consultant myself. Between the skincare and nutrition products, I have never felt better or more confident! Get ahold of me if you want to talk.. or feel free to browse the Arbonne website and products and see for yourself! 

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